Curriculum Instruction and Assessment

Assessment Resources
Developmental Milestones
Developmental Rating Scale, 0-9 Months
Developmental Rating Scale, 9-24 Months
Developmental Rating Scale, 24-36 Months
Developmental Rating Scale, 36-48 Months
Developmental Rating Scale, 48-60 Months
Open-ended Questions 1
Open-ended Questions 2
Open-ended Questions 3
Preschool Progress Report (fillable Word)     
Basic Skills Checklist (Pre-Kindergarten)
Getting Acquainted with Your Infant (Word) 
Infant/Toddler Daily Sheet (Word)  
Two's Daily Sheet (Word)  
Preschool Daily Sheet (Word)  
Assessing Children's Learning through Documentation

Parent/Teacher Conference Resources
Ways to Talk...
Parent Conference Summary...

Curriculum Resources
Curriculum/Resources for Infant/Toddler Teachers
Curriculum/Resources for Preschool/Pre-K Teachers
Intervention Resources
Multiple Intelligences: Recommended Materials and Activities
Curriculum Evaluation Checklist (To ensure alignment with Adventist tenets.)
Weekly Planner
Child Portfolio

NAD-produced Curriculum
     1. Be Like Jesus Companion
     2. CREATION Kids

Alternative Supplemental Curriculum (check with your local conference)

The  following  curricula  have  been  vetted  and  determined  as  appropriate  for  use as  a supplement to the NAD-developed curriculum, CREATION Kids:

     1. Creative Curriculum
     2. Learn Everyday
     3. High Reach
     4. High Scope
     5. Core Knowledge
     6. OWL

For more detailed information regarding each curriculum, visit the NAD Early Childhood Education website.

Alternative supplemental curriculums that have not been approved are to be evaluated and approved annually by the local conference office of Education. Requests for approval of alternative supplemental curriculum must be submitted by the ECE program. See the Alternative Supplemental Request form and the ECE Policy Manual for complete explanation.

NAD Developmental Standards
NAD ECE Developmental Standards

Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Benefits of a Developmentally Appropriate Program
Developmental Appropriate Practices in Adventist Early Childhood Programs

State Early Learning Standards
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